четверг, 13 марта 2008 г.

The day that everything exploded

Every trip has a day where nothing seems to go right. That was yesterday. Yesterday was our last day in Moscow, so in the morning, we all moved our luggage to one apartment and checked out of the others. After having our Georgian cuisine for dinner, we went back to the apartments only to find the landlady yelling at us in Russian when 10 of us tried to go back to the room. Andrea has run to get money and Anna had ran to get me some sort of pain killer for my leg that had started to be unbearable. (it had been hurting the whole time from what I now know was from my shoes.) This left us with no fluent russian speakers. Anyway, to make a long story short, we convinced the landlady to let four of us go back to the apartment, (using our Russian to count to four) only to find the cleaning lady who was upset that we hadn't left the room yet. We then proceeded to take all of our luggage out of the room as quickly as possible and make our way through the metro system with all of our luggage. Not an easy task. Especially me with my gimp leg and Andrea 6 months pregnant. After getting momentarily confused about where the train actually was, we found it, and got on our sleeper train to Saint Petersburg. We arrived this morning at 7:40am, dropped our things at the hostel, and went directly over to the Hermitage, stopping briefly for a much needed coffee break. The general consenus is that we like saint petersburg more than Moscow. The buildings are beautiful at every turn and in general feels a lot more welcoming. Tonight, we are all looking forward to a good night sleep.

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